Validating XML using XMLValidatingReader

Level: Beginner

You can use XmlValidatingReader class to validate an cml file against an XSD schema, Here is the code snippet to do it,

XmlSchemaCollection schemaCol = new XmlSchemaCollection();
XmlTextReader textReader = null;
XmlValidatingReader vReader = null;
textReader = new XmlTextReader(xmlFile);
// create a validating reader.
vReader = new XmlValidatingReader(textReader);
// validate using the schemas stored in the schema collection.
vReader.Schemas.Add (schemaCol);
// set the validation event handler
vReader.ValidationEventHandler += new ValidationEventHandler(ValidationCallBack);
// read and validate the XML data.
while (vReader.Read()){}
catch (Exception ex)
return (false);
// close the readers

vReader.Close ();
textReader.Close ();


And your Event Handler to handle the validation callbacks,

private void ValidationCallBack (object sender, ValidationEventArgs args)
this._xmlFeedValid = false;

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