Clear your web applications Cache

We all know that Cache class provides an implementation for cache for a web application in Cache provides fast access to frequently used data. You can add your not so frequently changed data to Cache for a speedy access. Cache has an application scope, what ever is in cache is used by all users of your web application.

Being said that, I find sometimes a need to clear my web applications cache without affecting anything. In order to do that, this is the trick I have come up with (nothing genius here 🙂

I created a secure page (admin login required) with a “Clear All Cache” Button,
and here is what I do in that button click!

private void ClearCache_Click(object sender, System.EventArgs e)
IDictionaryEnumerator CacheEnum = Cache.GetEnumerator();
string cacheKey="";
while (CacheEnum.MoveNext())
cacheKey = Convert.ToString(CacheEnum.Key);


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