ASP.Net – Some performance myths.

Here is some performance myths in .net world as explained by Rob Howard in an article in MSDN Magazine along with what we think!

  • C# code is faster than Visual Basic code – False! Rob says that there is a grain of truth in this mainly because VB.Net allows performance hindering actions like not explicitly declaring types.I think both should be comparable because all the .net languages are ultimately creatingt code targeting the framework CLR and CTS. If you follow good programming practices, VB.Net and C# should provide with same features and performance (pretty much!)
  • Code-Behind is faster than Inlince code – False! Rob points out that sometimes it is advantageous to just change inline (or add inline) code because touching code behind means a Dll rebuild. If you ask me, I would say NO to inline code, haven’t we had enough of spaghetti coding with all than classic ASP?
  • Components are faster than Pages- False! True in classic ASP, no longer in ASP.Net, since page is also a class, it provides the same performance as components. Again from a modular design point of view, lets go with components!


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