Attention!!! all Infragistics Net Advantage Users

If you are using Infragistics Net Advantage 2005 Vol3, get the latest Hot Fix on this version and apply it now! if you haven’t done it yet. This hot fix is out there for a while now, but if you have purchased the product from one of those re-sellers, then the media they sent you do not have any hot fixes. Goto to, register your product and get the hot fixes!

This hot fix fixes at least couple of issues I have encountered,

  • Infragistics script library code (js code) going into indefinite loop resulting in your web server going toast! This happens when you are doing add/edits directly into the UltraWebgrid…When this happens your CPU just peaks to 100% all eaten by your iis process
  • Again, Utrawebgrid eating all the memory when it is heirarchial and paging is enabled..(I am not sure about the sequence to re-produce the error!!)

So….Apply the hot fix! and keep coding 😉


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