Internet Explorer 8.0 rollback to 7.0

Last week I installed Internet Explorer 8.0. This new edition of IE brings many good features, one I liked the best is web slices. I was happy with the new version and aha..this morning I wanted to work from home, tried to connect to my company network, and unfortunately we do not support IE 8.0 for remote desktop (yet!) and no FireFox too (!!!). So i had to go back to IE 7.0.
To my surprise this rollback to older version was a breeze, Microsoft provides an installer (that uninstalls) 8.0 and restores 7.0. Here is the link to KB article and download for this.



  1. Robert W.

    I’ve seen more problems with it. On my Vista 64-bit computer, IE8 creates multiple instances of itself, which do not disappear but grow in number. This eventually cripples Windows.

    A friend of mine suddenly could not print and nothing would preview in his IE8.

    Back to IE7 until they get these bugs resolved!

    • V S

      so .. .how do I do that … roll back to 7.0?

      I tried to remove IE completely then install 7.0 and it told me it can’t because there’s a more recent version installed

      • Binu Thayamkery

        I used the installer provided by Microsoft to rollback. Check out the link given in the original post. Good luck!

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