Ext JS anyone?

I am playing with Ext JS, a javascript framework that provides a great UI tool set and all things AJAX! I am interested in hearing from anyone who has build real world solutions using Ext JS, anyone?


  1. prres


    I am using the ExtJs on my current ASP.Net MVC project. It is a nice tool with great API but sometimes it’s hard to find help, if you got stuck with some issue. In my project, I am only using the ExtJs grid and for everything else, I am just sticking with the JQuery. I have an article about ExtJs grid on my blog, so you can check it out if it helps you.

    • Binu Thayamkery

      Thanks for the link. Regarding your issues with serialization, you will have a better luck with Newtonsoft library. It serialize better and Ext JS seems to like it better 🙂

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