VB.Net and C# Co-Evolution

Read Scott Wiltamuth’s blog about future of VB.Net…Its not going away anytime soon, in fact MS is planning
to have a co-evolution strategy for C# and VB.net (and other .Net languages). I think this is effort should be
welcomed, because somewhere after v1.1 of .net, language features introduced have very different usage syntax in VB.Net and C# ! This would mean that it is more and more difficult for a good .Net programmer to code in VB.Net and C# with the same ease.
Have you noticed that if you search for a solution in web, you always get tons of C# samples but not many VB.Net samples..its a fact. So what does a VB.Net developer do? He takes C# code and converts to VB.Net, so if there is a lot of syntactical differences, his life is a mess, if not “all is well”


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