Useful Lint Programs for all Web UI developers

All Web UI developers have to deal with JavaScript and lots of it. And these days with many of us are using
JSON as a data exchange format, we are looking into massive JSON strings on a daily basis when developing/debugging. There are 2 Lint programs, JSONLint and JSLint that can help in making life easy for developers. Lint programs does a static code analysis and comes up with errors and warnings. It also beautifies your code (if it not already intended, formatte, etc) for better readability. This is very useful when you are grabbing this code block from a debug window or from firebug console and trying to make sense
of it.

Try it today 🙂
— JSON Lint here.
— JSLint here.

JSLint is a JavaScript “code quality” too. This means it does more than “Linting”, it actually inspects your
JavaScript code for quality points set by great Doug Crockford (creator of JSON). These can be configured thru many options that are available. Check out the options here.

While we are on this topic, another great tool is the JS Beautifier. I have found this of immense value when you are working with a “packed” or “minified” version of JavaScript (works only with code packed using Dean Edwards Packer). Plug it into the beautifier and voila, you have formatted and readable JavaScript.

Happy programming!


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