StackOverflow featured as Microsoft Case Study

I bumped into this Microsoft Case Study showcasing Stack Overflow site and its ASP.Net MVC based architecture. [link]. The point of interest for me was the infrastructure specs for that site…

# Presentation. Customers browse pages served by Windows Server 2008 Standard, through IIS 7.5. The Web servers are computers with Xeon quad core CPUs and 8 gigabytes (GB) RAM. When a user submits a question or an answer, their information is written to the database using the lightweight LINQ to SQL database abstraction layer.
# Database. The database is hosted on a dedicated server with 2 Intel Xeon quad core CPUs and 48 GB of RAM, and runs Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Enterprise. Stack Overflow takes advantage of the Online Indexing feature, introduced with SQL Server 2008 Enterprise, which enables table re-indexing while the database continues to run.

Look at the number of horses that run that SQL Server backend… 48GB of RAM !!!!!!

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