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Nuget Package Manager update issues

Have you gotten this error when you were trying to install a nuget package (in my case NUnit) and it suggests that you upgrade NuGet to latest version.

My problem was when I tried to do this, I ended up getting error like the one shown below (I was using Visual Studio 2010 Premium)

Here are the steps to work around and get your NuGet upgraded.
1. Run Visual Studio 2010 as an Administrator
2. Use Tools > Extension Manager and Remove the existing Nuget Package Manager
3. This will restart the Visual Studio 2010, Close and start again as Administrator
4. Click on Online Gallery, Pick Nuget Package Manager and install
5. This will restart Visual Studio again, and you are good to go!!!


Web.Config changes in Visual Studio 2010

In Visual Studio 2010, when you add a new project, it hard not to notice couple of things about the web.config files.

1) Web.config file is clean and lean 🙂 (Read about this in Scott Gu’s blog here)
2) Web.config has 2 files attached to it, Web.Debug.config and Web.Release.config (see image).

Visual Studio 2010

Visual Studio 2010 - Solution Explorer

These are new features that I think that are very valuable for the deployment process, In the past I have used manual swaps a lot to manage environment specfic information in the web.config files. This new feature will let you create deployment environment specific (Dev, QA, UAT, Stage, Prod, etc.) Web.config files using simple to write transformations. You can find detailed information on how to do this in this article. (Link)

Happy Programming!


ReSharper 5.0 and Visual Studio 2010

If you were a ReSharper user with Visual Studio 2008 (or 2005 in that case) and you installed Visual Studio 2010 now and want to continue use ReSharper, following is what you do. Naturally since you installed Visual Studio 2010 after your ReSharper install, ReSharper integration will not be there in Visual Studio 2010, and you will need to associate Visual Studio 2010 with ReSharper.

Step1: Run ReSharper installer again.

Step2: At welcome screen of the installer, click on “Change”, this will allow you to change the Visual Studio integration

Step3: Select Visual Studio 2010 from the list and click on install

Step4: Install will run for couple of minutes or more…

and installation is done…

Now open your Visual Studio 2010, ReSharper will ask for license information, enter your user id and license key, and you will notice that ReSharper appears on your menu bar.

Happy Programming!

Visual Studio 2010 is here!

Visual Studio 2010 is launched today! I am planning to download it tonight from MSDN. I already uninstalled Beta 2 that I had installed in my laptop, dont expect it to be a fast download since every MS developer will be trying download it tonight..
Watch this space to learn about my experiments with new Visual Studio, .Net Framework 4.0 and all the goodies this edition will bring 🙂

Quick Update (04/15/10) : Successfully installed VS 2010 Ultimate, there was some small hick ups, but overall installation was smooth and painless. I was trying to mount ISO file using Microsoft’s Virtual CD Utility, but it took me some time to realize that it will not work with Vista. Downloaded Slysoft’s free Virtual Clone Drive and it did the trick for me. During the install, after it finished with the .Net Framework 4.0 install system needed a reboot, when it restarted installation gave an error (because ISO was mounted to a virtual drive I guess) and quit on me. I had to re-run setup.exe and it resumed installation with out much complaints.

Will post what I find new and exciting with this…

Visual Studio 2010 Beta 2

Yesterday I installed Visual Studio 2010 Beta 2 Ultimate Edition. As expected installation process was long. (not sure how long because I fell asleep and had to continue this morning to finish installation). Here is link to download site.
At the first look itself, I can see that there are a tons of new features this edition of Visual Studio going to offer. There seems like a lot of improvements and additions to tool sets and project templates, new project planning features, test development, TFS integration, MVC 2.0, Sliverlight support, More sharepoint development support, Enterprise Data, etc..etc…list goes on. Its going to take a lot of time to get a handle of all these new features.
I will post what ever i find interesting…so keep watching this space.


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