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9 good WCF Links

  1. Fundementals of WCF Security – Explains WCF Security, deployment scenarios etc. by Michele Leroux Bustamante. Also if you want to learn WCF in depth, Michele’s WCF book  is an invaluable resource.
  2. Section of MSDN that outlines WCF technology
  3. Some basic WCF design patterns from Rob Daigneau
  4. How to consume a WCF service – a primer
  5. ASP.Net Ajax and WCF – link .    Also see my earlier post here.
  6. From .Net Remoting to WCF – A good MSDN article.
  7. How to host a WCF service in IIS – MSDN article. For IIS 7.0 see this link.
  8. MSDN article on Federation (Security)
  9. Finally, the best and the required for all WCF developers: patterns and practices: WCF Security Guidance project – Download this PDF book and keep it with you. It explains WCF security and deployment scenarios. Skim thru and find out the scenario that fits your project and then follow the guidelines for that. Great resource !!!


HTTP 502 Error while downloading exe from website

Level: Beginner

Have you ever got HTTP 502 error or CGI error while trying to download an exe from an IIS 5.0/ASP website ? If yes, it is worth checking “Execute Permissions” on that virtual directory. If the permissiona are set to “Script Only” then the executable files are treated like static HTML files and when try to access with a link like this, download of the file will start. If this is set to “Scripts and Executables” it will think that you are trying to execute the exe and will end up in HTTP 502 or CGI error in IIS!