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My gripe about SQL Server 2008 installer…

You need to keep your fingers crossed when you install any Microsoft products, every version of every product I have used, installer behaviour changes!!! And these softwares are huge in size too… I am talkling about developer products here, like Visual Stuidio, SQL Server, etc. I was trying to install SQL Server 2008 Developer edition in one of my machines today and was hit with the infamous “VSShellInstalledRule”. Ok, I agree its a rule and a dependency, but my point is I had to click through the installer Wizard many steps deep before you get this wrench. Urghhh!!!

This error is complaining that I need to have Visual Studio 2008 SP1 installed. I have Visual Studio 2010 installed in my machine (and also VS 2008), so I am assuming that installer should be smart enough to acknowledge the presence of VS 2010 and live with it. Am I asking for too much here?

15 seconds with Google, I was pointed to the comments section in this blog post where a tip was given how to ignore these rules when setup is run (Thanks Paul)

Basically you do this:

Setup /ACTION=install /SkipRules=VSShellInstalledRule

Until your next installation…peace 🙂

[update] I thought this would fix my issue, it helped me to go ahead with the installation, but ultimately it failed in installing components that requires Visual Studio integration (like integration services). So now my challenge is to make this stupid installer realize that I have a newer version of Visual Studio (2010) or install Visual Studio 2008 SP1 (that takes forever)

sad, I am 😦

[update] So I installed VS 2008 SP1, I had ended up with a messed up installation from previous trials, I removed the installation completely, removed my SQL Server 2005 Management Studio Express (that was another error in the list), tried again. I still got some error saying regarding Reporting Services. This is because it installed RS catalog db, so it wants me to install using a “files only mode”, Google to rescue again..

setup /q /ACTION=install /RSINSTALLMODE=”FilesOnlyMode”

BTW, I also found a MSDN link that explains the command line installation of SQL Server 2008 => link.

I rest this case now.