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Are you xUnit or MSTest?

Which unit testing framework do you use? There are many to pick from, most of the better ones are xUnit based and Visual Studio comes with its on testing framework. Personally I would stick with NUnit, because it works well and integrates well with ReSharper. Resharper/TestDriven.Net can run most of the unit testing frameworks including Microsoft’s. I was thinking about unit testing frameworks this morning (we wanted to pick one for our project, we as a group chose MbUnit!) and found that there are around 20 different unit testing frameworks listed in Wiki for .Net programming languages!!! Here is the link (I will save one google search 🙂

And did I say ReSharper is the best productivity add-on that has ever happened to Visual Studio ??

[Update] While we are on topic of testing frameworks, in the wiki link I was not able to find a link to SOAPUi, web service testing tool. Check out their site, they even have an interesting article on ways to hack (or prevent it) a web service login !